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Requiem for a Tower
(Lux Æterna)

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Songs and Verses
in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ - Book Five
Eä of the Ring

‘반지들의 제왕(The Lord of the Rings)’ 5편에 나오는 시와 노래들입니다.

II. The Passing of the Grey Company
Malbeth the Seer’s Words
3019년 3월 6일 오후, Hornburg에서 Aragorn은 Legolas와 Gimli에게 먼 옛날 Malbeth가 한 예언을 들려줍니다.
Over the land there lies a long shadow,
westward reaching wings of darkness.
The Tower trembles; to the tombs of kings
doom approaches. The Dead awaken;
for the hour is come for the oathbreakers:
at the Stone of Erech they shall stand again
and hear there a horn in the hills ringing.
Whose shall the horn be? Who shall call them
from the grey twilight, the forgotten people?
The heir of him to whom the oath they swore.
From the North shall he come, need shall drive him:
he shall pass the Door to the Paths of the Dead.

III. The Muster of Rohan
Lament for Théoden
3월 10일 오전, 출정에 앞서 Dunharrow를 떠나 Edoras로 향하는 Théoden을 위한 애도가가 전해집니다.
From dark Dunharrow in the dim morning
with thane and captain rode Thengel’s son:
to Edoras he came, the ancient halls
of the Mark-wardens mist-enshrouded;
golden timbers were in gloom mantled.
Farewell he bade to his free people,
hearth and high-seat, and the hallowed places,
where long he had feasted ere the light faded.
Forth rode the king, fear behind him,
fate before him. Fealty kept he;
oaths he had taken, all fulfilled them.
Forth rode Théoden. Five nights and days
east and onward rode the Eorlingas
through Folde and Fenmarch and the Firienwood,
six thousand spears to Sunlending,
Mundburg the mighty under Mindolluin,
Sea-kings’ city in the South-kingdom
foe-beleaguered, fire-encircled.
Doom drove them on. Darkness took them,
horse and horseman; hoofbeats afar
sank into silence: so the songs tells us.

V. The Ride of the Rohirrim
Théoden’s Battle Cry
3월 15일 새벽, Rammas Echor에 도착한 Théoden이 돌격에 앞서 병사들의 사기를 북돋기 위해 외치는 함성입니다.
Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden!
Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!
Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!

VI. The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
At Théoden’s Death
Théoden의 임종을 지켜본 Éomer가 비통함을 참으며 병사들에게 전투를 재촉하며 외칩니다.
Mourn not overmuch! Mighty was the fallen,
meet was his ending. When his mound is raised,
women then shall weep. War now calls us!
Eä of the Ring
Snowmane’s Epitaph
훗날, 전투 중 Théoden과 함께 죽은 그의 말 Snowmane의 비석에 새겨진 글입니다.
Faithful servant yet master’s bane,
Lightfoot’s foal, swift Snowmane.
Eä of the Ring
Éomer’s Song
해적선들이 나타나자 점차 희망이 사라지는 Éomer가 Harlond 부근에서 최후의 방어선을 구축하며 결사항전을 다짐하며 읊조리는 시입니다.
Out of doubt, out of dark to the day’s rising
I came singing in the sun, sword unsheathing.
To hope’s end I rode and to heart’s breaking:
Now for wrath, now for ruin and a red nightfall!
Eä of the Ring
Song of the Mounds of Mundberg
훗날 Rohan의 한 시인이 Pelennor 전투를 노래한 것입니다.
We heard of the horns in the hills ringing,
the swords shining in the South-kingdom.
Steeds went striding to the Stoningland
as wind in the morning. War was kindled.
There Théoden fell, Thengling mighty,
to his golden halls and green pastures
in the Northern fields never returning,
high lord of the host. Harding and Guthláf,
Dúnhere and Déorwine, doughty Grimbold,
Herefara and Herubrand, Horn and Fastred,
fought and fell there in a far country:
in the Mounds of Mundburg under mould they lie
with their league-fellows, lords of Gondor.
Neither Hirluin the Fair to the hills by the sea,
nor Forlong the old to the flowering vales
ever, to Arnach, to his own country
returned in triumph; nor the tall bowmen,
Derufin and Duilin, to their dark waters,
meres of Morthond under mountain-shadows.
Death in the morning at day’s ending
lords took and lowly. Long now they sleep
under grass in Gondor by the Great River.
Grey now as tears, gleaming silver,
red then it rolled, roaring water:
foam dyed with blood flamed at sunset;
as beacons mountains burned at evening;
red fell the dew in Rammas Echor.

VIII. The Houses of Healing
저녁, 한 약초 전문가가 Aragorn 앞에서 예부터 전해오는 athelas에 대한 시를 읊조립니다.
When the black breath blows
and death’s shadow grows
and all lights pass,
come athelas! come athelas!
    Life to the dying
In the king’s hand lying!

IX. The Last Debate
Song of Lebennin
3월 16일 아침, Minas Tirith에서 Legolas가 Pelargir를 향해 Lebennin 평원을 달리던 때를 회상하며 노래합니다. Eä of the Ring
Silver flow the streams from Celos to Erui
In the green fields of Lebennin!
Tall grows the grass there. In the wind from the Sea
The white lilies sway,
And the golden bells are shaken of mallos and alfirin
In the green fields of Lebennin,
In the wind from the Sea!

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II. The Passing of the Grey Company
III. The Muster of Rohan
V. The Ride of the Rohirrim
VI. The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
VIII. The Houses of Healing
IX. The Last Debate